Posted in September 2012

Lessons in Painting… blah.

So, guess what. When painting furniture you just can’t skimp on paint quality. I was at Wal-Mart and thought, well for the convenience, I’ll just get my white paint from here. I mean its plain white paint right? Can’t screw that up…or can you? Oh Yes! Plain ole white paint CAN be messed with. I … Continue reading

Being Mrs. Coach

What to say about being Mrs. Coach…  Well, life is interesting and how we do life is definitely not “normal,” but for us, it works.  Not easily though. Being a coach for my husband, is not just a job.  It’s not even just his career.  It really is,  part of who he is.  No, it’s … Continue reading

Hello world!

So, I’ve done this before and well, it didn’t exactly work out, mainly because of time. So what makes me think I can do this blog?  I have no logical answer for that. But for whatever reason, this is something I think I should to do. I fully maintain all rights to retract that statement … Continue reading