Lessons in Painting… blah.

So, guess what. When painting furniture you just can’t skimp on paint quality. I was at Wal-Mart and thought, well for the convenience, I’ll just get my white paint from here. I mean its plain white paint right? Can’t screw that up…or can you? Oh Yes! Plain ole white paint CAN be messed with.

I am painting a dresser for my daughter’s room. And, after 3 weeks, I’m still painting my daughter’s dresser. The paint I have won’t brush on smoothly!! It is leaving these terrible ugly drag marks. I’ve tried different brushes, thinning it, using a damp brush…folks I’ve done it all. I have had to spot sand this thing three times now! It is not me…its the terrible gooey ugly paint!

So I’ve decided that tomorrow, I am taking my used can of plain ole white paint back to the store. I’m going to request my$23 back and go across the street to my Lowes for some plain ole white paint! You think they’ll accept my use paint? It’s Wal-Mart folks, they take anything back, right? Let’s hope.

UPDATE: The lovely Wal-Mart customer service counter was gracious and allowed me to return my ugly paint. : ) I took my cash and marched across to Lowes and bought new paint. It was actually cheaper at Lowes anyway! STUNNED! So, I tried again to paint the dresser and guess what. IT’S BEAUTIFUL. Not perfect, but still very nice. I do think I’ll go back to using Valspar next time though. This new can is Olympic basic semi-gloss white. It does the job but I previously have used Valspar paint + primer and it has been my favorite so far.

Picture will be posted soon. I’m still trying to figure out WordPress. ; )



Excuse the clutter as we work on putting everything away…. but here it is.


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