Posted in February 2013

Humbled and overwhelmed….

I posted last week about my new project with chalk paint.  Well,  I did run into a bit of a problem….FLAKING PAINT!  Talk about NOT supposed to happen!!  The entire point of chalk paint is that it bonds to anything, right? (By the way, I do intend to lightly distress this piece but understand the … Continue reading

What do I mean… Divinely Refined?

When I select a furniture piece, it is loved and admired, not for what it is, but what it is meant to be. A beautiful creation that has yet to meet it’s full potential. The piece is usually beat up from the world’s abuse, slightly damaged and may seem even awkward amongst it’s surroundings. But … Continue reading

Hairy Valentines Day!

I did it.  I resisted the temptation to make the pinteresty cute valentines that I want my kids to give and allowed them to pick out their own store-bought tacky valentines. And they are thrilled.  Don’t get me wrong… I love all the amazing crafty ideas and it’s going to sting a bit when my … Continue reading