My first chalk/clay paint experience is coming!

Very excited to start….

Can't wait to try this stuff!

Can’t wait to try this stuff!

I have been wanting to try using chalk/clay paint for a while now and just found a place up the road to purchase it! I had no idea there was an Annie Sloan retailer so close!   From what I understand, the great thing about this stuff is that you have little to NO prep work. Can you imagine the time saved! Also, it will bond to anything.  Metal, wood, plastic… Anything!

I purchased a small maple buffet from a local yard sale website a few months ago and it has been sitting in my garage waiting on me.  I am finally ready!  I’ll let you know how this new adventure goes.  Let me know if you’ve tried a chalk paint project and how it went for you.

Look for an update soon! For now, I better obtain some sort of rest to be prepared to cheer on my kiddos tomorrow  at their ball games.

Love my Saturdays.  Have a great one!



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