Humbled and overwhelmed….

I posted last week about my new project with chalk paint.  Well,  I did run into a bit of a problem….FLAKING PAINT!  Talk about NOT supposed to happen!!  The entire point of chalk paint is that it bonds to anything, right?

maple chest, chipped paint

maple chest, chipped paint, : -(

(By the way, I do intend to lightly distress this piece but understand the paint was flaking off without being touched..not good.)

However, in mad rush of frustration, I came inside and emailed a furniture painting genius.  This lady is one of the most talented painter’s out there.  Until now, I had only read her blog, purchased her e-books and followed her online like a creepy stalker… okay well, maybe not the stalker part, but probably came close.

Introducing,  MANDIE!!! from  (Yes, click on that link, you won’t be disappointed.) I had no idea what I had done to mess up my un-mess-up-able chalk paint.   My husband even thought he had done something wrong since my disposition has suddenly went from giddy painter to prowling cave woman.

Do you know that this sweet lady, emailed me back immediately. I was so excited and so humbled that she would take the time to send me an email,  helped me address my problem and then invited me to join a discussion group of lady painters just like me.  I have already learned so much from these ladies and I’m seriously humbled that I have been able to join them in this adventure.

My weekend has been full of my kids activities and unfortunately I have not made it out to the garage yet to carry forth on my project.  I did take Mandie’s advice and I think we will make a full recovery.  After a little light sanding, I do have to say that the feel of the paint and the matte look of the chalk paint was pretty encouraging.

So thanks Mandie for your help and reaching out to this rookie painter.  And to you friends, if you have any suggestions or have experienced this with chalk paint, please share your thoughts! In the meantime, make sure you pay Mandie at a visit!

With much gratitude,



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