Its April….and next month is May.  Obviously you know this.  But holy smokes, where has the time gone!

I don’t think I’ve been on here in a good month. The job of being “mom” has been in overdrive recently. It’s all fun stuff, but just so very busy.  My daughter, Emily, and I when on her 5th grade trip with her school and then she started back with soccer. My son, 6-year-old Tucker, is starting soccer for the first time. Add that to the Elementary track team in which they both participate(which has been a great fun experience for them), my day job, my husband’s job (still a bit of traveling going on) and all end of school year projects and events.  WHEW… and we still have many more events and projects to go.

Oh and not to mention the weather here in Kentucky has been terrible. It has been 30 degrees and raining one day and 70 the next and back down again. I have to admit. I don’t work well in 30 degrees.

So, on those 70 degree days, I have stolen a few minutes here and there to work on the maple chest.  I have stained the top in a dark walnut, and dark waxed it over a slightly distressed cream color chalk paint and it has really turned out fantastic.  I still have to replace some hardware and there is a drawer that I am trying to figure out how to best fix.  The dove tails joints are broken and while I do not have the wood working skills to replace dove tail joints.. I think I have a work around that will restore the strength and look nice.

So, maybe today, after all its suppose to be 75! May God’s grace be with me to find time to paint.  DANG… I’m late for church. Have a great day.



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