Posted in May 2013

New cute nightstand

Ok, quick little post..this was a hand-me-down that was a dark speckled 1970s finish. (ICK) A bit of paint and wax and viola! I also poly’ed the top in a satin finish for extra protection, because those coasters don’t always get used around here. Originally I painted the top yellow and layered with the sandy … Continue reading

Lasting Impression table

This table was given to me by my Mom. And I am 96% sure it was my Grandmother Florene’s before it was hers.   Mom, if your reading this and I am wrong about that, feel free to correct me in the comments, or you can just leave me in my ignorance is bliss state. … Continue reading

Maple Chest Reveal!

Its finally done. I’ve worked on this piece a little at a time. And when I say little, I mean I would go sand or paint in 20 minute increments all winter, because this Texas girl can’t handle a 30 degree garage! I originally found this piece on a local yard sale website and really … Continue reading