Lasting Impression table

This table was given to me by my Mom. And I am 96% sure it was my Grandmother Florene’s before it was hers.   Mom, if your reading this and I am wrong about that, feel free to correct me in the comments, or you can just leave me in my ignorance is bliss state. Either way, I’m going to say it was Grandma’s and was passed down to me… because it makes it feel that much more special to me.

I miss my Grandma very much. I so wish she could have known my children and I unfortunately regret the things that I didn’t learn from her before she was gone. I was a teenager when she passed and didn’t know what I would later wish I had learned.  I knew I would miss her hugs, the time we spent just being near, but what I did not know, is that I would wish we had talked more out about our faith together. I would wish I had asked her to teach me to sew and to actually do a few more projects with me. She was a talented artists in many ways especially with a sewing machine. She was a master seamstress and made all my dresses as a girl. She loved beautiful things, caring for her family, and cooking for all of us. Not because she necessarily enjoyed cooking, but because she had a true servant’s heart.  She loved her family and her friends. She entertained friends often and visited them often.  I miss her.

So, wow… after that trip down memory lane. I hope I’m right about this being her table… ha!

This is a small table and I’m not yet sure where in my house it will be, but it will be here for a long time.  Perhaps until Emily has her own family and home. : )

At first I was not sure about painting it because it had some beautiful inlaid woodwork on the top.  However, it had a few chips and dings and the finish was not in great shape, so I went for it.  Here is the before pic, which I nearly forgot to take… which is why one leg is painted. (please ignore my background mess & Bailee the dog-that’s not what your suppose to look at!)

Before Pic.  Pretty I know. But up close, has lots of finish damage

Before Pic. Pretty I know. But up close, has lots of finish damage

Top of table... that pretty wood work... don't hate me.

Top of table… that pretty wood work… don’t hate me.

But these below pics do NOT do this table reveal justice.  I just adore it now.  It has new life! And I know my Grandma would be proud.  Beside, my mom has already spoken for her and loves the revival as well.  Thanks Mom!

So here it is….

Love All those leggy details!

Love All those leggy details!


Hope you like it!  We really do. 

God Bless! 



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