New Finds and More Fun!

Fun news.. I have been invited to showcase some of my Divinely Refined furnishings in a local shop.  Yay!  How fun is that!  More details will be shared on this topic in a later post.  However, I had a problem! I was out of furniture!  Well, let me clarify.  I have many pieces in my home that I want to re-do for ourselves, but I think if I painted and sold our own furniture, my husband may have an issue with that. In fact, I know this because he has already had to have a sit down meeting with me on the subject… I guess I can get a bit carried away when I have a paint brush and a mouse sander in my hand.

So, knowing I needed some new finds to re-invent, the hunt was on.  My rockin’ daughter braved a Saturday morning with me and we set out on the hunt for treasures. And Wow! we really found some fun pieces. We found some at home garage sales, a church-wide yard sale, and then a great  jewel of a place here in Danville called Bluebird Market.  This is an awesome place with a beautiful purpose.  They accept donated furnishings and resale them to benefit, Wilderness Trace Child Development Center.  So I purchase two piece from Bluebird, and love that those purchase when towards a great cause! If you live locally, please give them a visit!  I promise they will not disappoint! Click here and check ’em out!

So, we ended up with a beautiful dining table, an antique two-tiered table, a solid but well-loved desk, and a cute wooden folding chair.  Here are a few photos of my progress so far…

Look at this little table!  I absolutely love the color, don’t you?

Love this color!

Love this color!

And how about this sweet chair!

Folding chair from the Bluebird Market

Folding chair from the Bluebird Market

Painted in Valspar Terracotta with Webster’s chalk paint powder. I will need to update you later with my experience with Webster’s.  So more on that later.  But this little rustic chair is super fun. My daughter begged to keep it, but she really has no room for it in her girl cave.

I’m in the process of prepping the dining table and I have had a doozie of a time figuring out what to do with it. But, she finally spoke to me.  So, keep up with me and you shall see more soon!

So, I learned what burled wood is!

So, I learned what burled wood is!

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