Bench warmer

Well all, sorry to leave you hanging… I’ve been sent to the bench for a while. On our annual summer vacation to see our family in Texas, my body revolted. About 2 hours from our destination, I started experiencing severe abdominal pain. We went to the ER and the next day I was in surgery.

All is well now and I am on the road to recovery. Only thing is I can’t sand, build, paint or anything of the sorts for 6-8 weeks. Booo!

Also, my max on my feet activity time is about 1.5 hours. So, in between my activity bursts, I’ll learn to be still. I will read with my kids, blog, watch HGTV, and maybe even get the millions of photos of my kids and family in order.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for your healing words, prayers and thoughts!


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