Whew… what a summer

Ok, Wow.  Have you ever just really felt like, dang, God are you paying attention to me!

I know, that sounds so bratty, but give me a break, I’m my parents  youngest child. But seriously! Who doesn’t want to see God be obviously active in their life! (careful what you ask for) I had been so used to the norm, that I couldn’t see his awesome presences right there in front of me protecting and keeping the norm stable. ( Normal is good!)

Well, He moved, and in a way that I could not deny his hand.

For the past two years I have had some random health complaints. Nothing serious and nothing any doctor could pin point or connect.  Well, on our annual summer road trip to Texas, the ugly truth showed up. About two hours out from our destination I finally gave in to a pain in my abdomen that had been haunting me since 5am.   It had gradually worsened throughout the day and what started out like heartburn ended in feeling like my lower abdominal area was going to explode.  H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.

So I finally said to the hubby, go to the nearest ER.  Guess what, there was an ER like right when I said that!  PRAISE GOD!  So, they watched me roll around and scream a while (in true ER fashion) then finally got my pain under control enough to take a cat scan.  They discovered an enormous butternut squash cyst growing in me.  Oh, so that’s what that pain was. “Oh an by the way Mrs White, you have a baseball on your other organ.” No, they didn’t really say “squash and baseball” but gives you an idea of what we are dealing with here.

So, this little ER was not prepared to deal with my condition and so I got an ambulance ride the rest of the way to our destination!  COOL! (not) And it just so happens that my big brother was on shift working the ER they transported me to.  What a sweet moment it was for me to look up out of the ambulance into my big brothers eyes.  He gave me a kiss on the cheek and rolled me through.  Surprisingly, I was seriously comforted to be in his care. (love ya big bro!)

Long story short, next day I had some surgery, Then a few days later they let me go “home.” Then I spent the next two weeks recovering at my parents beautiful home on the lake.  Not bad huh….

Nice healing view... nevermind my kiddo randomly relaxing on the sidewalk.  ; )

Nice healing view… nevermind my kiddo randomly relaxing on the sidewalk. ; )

So lets count the blessings….

1) First of all, everything came back fine and no signs of any thing cancerous.

2) Didn’t tell you before but my son woke us up at 5am with a massive nose bleed which put us on the road much sooner. … what would I have done if we were 4-5 hours from family!  We had our two kids and a dog with us!  So way to go little buddy!

3) All this happened when I was with my family. My kids played with their cousins and in the lake while I was healing in the hospital and at the house.  It was a positive distraction for them and a load off for my husband.

Im not sure how many turtles she caught... more than I could keep up with. My Girl and nature just love each other...... Yay :-/

Im not sure how many turtles she caught… more than I could keep up with. My Girl and nature just love each other…… Yay :-/

4) Timing.  My husband’s career as a coach does not allow for much down time.  He gets 3 weeks in July. Man, I’m always on time!  You’re welcome Coach!

5) I had my mom.  What girl doesn’t need her momma when she is down.  I am so thankful that she was there with me.

6) My Dad.  We all needed my Dad.  My kids especially got some great “Paps” time and truly enjoyed it.  My daddy still babies his little girl.. even at 36.

one happy boy.

one happy boy.

7) My Brother is a ER nurse!  He was awesome.  I got to see him in action and benefit from his expertise.  He watched out for me every minute I was at his hospital.

I could seriously go on  with more and more….. but the point is that my God carried me through this thing.  He carried us all through.  What a precious time it was to see him work. I can not chalk all this up to coincidence.  I know He was there.  You know when I asked to see God work in my life I was thinking something more exciting in a “FUN” way.. but I guess this will do. HA!

Now, let us all pray that he works a miracle with these medical bills. ; )

Love ya!



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