My name is Meredith. I work out side the home full-time but my passion is caring for my family and doing stuff to make our lives fun. I am married to a football coach and have two amazing kids.

This is a place you will read about a real family dealing with real stuff. When you see a recent post of a project…be assured that my laundry pile must be out-of-control. But I have finally realized that to enjoy life more, it may just get a little messy. And that’s ok.

I am not the most crafty person out there, but I trying to create something from nothing gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.  I have recently began painting furniture.  You know that table in the corner that you find useful but just isn’t much to look at….it has potential just screaming out. I have begun the adventure of allowing those once hidden pieces of furniture find their true selves!  And I’m loving it.

Anyway between, work, kids, ballgames  and maintaining some household order….I paint or create stuff.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I do not claim to be an amazing writer, but this is an outlet for me and a place to share my ideas.

Your Friend,




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