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Whew… what a summer

Ok, Wow.  Have you ever just really felt like, dang, God are you paying attention to me! I know, that sounds so bratty, but give me a break, I’m my parents  youngest child. But seriously! Who doesn’t want to see God be obviously active in their life! (careful what you ask for) I had been … Continue reading


Its April….and next month is May.  Obviously you know this.  But holy smokes, where has the time gone! I don’t think I’ve been on here in a good month. The job of being “mom” has been in overdrive recently. It’s all fun stuff, but just so very busy.  My daughter, Emily, and I when on … Continue reading

Humbled and overwhelmed….

I posted last week about my new project with chalk paint.  Well,  I did run into a bit of a problem….FLAKING PAINT!  Talk about NOT supposed to happen!!  The entire point of chalk paint is that it bonds to anything, right? (By the way, I do intend to lightly distress this piece but understand the … Continue reading

Hairy Valentines Day!

I did it.  I resisted the temptation to make the pinteresty cute valentines that I want my kids to give and allowed them to pick out their own store-bought tacky valentines. And they are thrilled.  Don’t get me wrong… I love all the amazing crafty ideas and it’s going to sting a bit when my … Continue reading